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Boost your revenue by sharing expertise and knowledge with similar companies

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Buy and sell leads and bench with ease

An average service company loses millions of dollars per year if it’s not engaged on projects to its full capacity or if it is unable to handle new requests and meet the needs of customers. SignSpot is created to cover this gap and make sure that you won’t worry about the mismatch in technologies, expertise, experience, and industry focus anymore.
With SignSpot, you can sell business opportunities that otherwise would be lost due to the mismatch and make sure that all of your employees have work on projects that suit them the most. Boosting the efficiency of a company is SignSpot’s top priority. 

How it Works?

Sell Your Bench 


Find Talents and Teams

Sell and Buy Leads 

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What Makes Us Different


With deep experience in tech outsourcing and product development, we have a clear understanding of service companies’ pains and needs. SignSpot is a tool that helps companies earn more.

    B2B hiring marketplace
    Fast and anonymous
    Minimum of bureaucracy
    Direct partnership
    Negotiate without intermediaries 
    Pay only for signed deals
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Find Talent and Teams

It’s common to have great project opportunities but lack employees to work on them. On top of that, recruiting is a long and costly process. With SignSpot, finding a team that would be a perfect fit four your projects is simple and quick. “Recruiting without recruitment” is possible. 

Fill the gap between your Recruitment, Sales, and Delivery teams

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Sell your bench

Ideally, all your employees should be busy working on the projects that suit them. However, it’s often not the case, and some of them may be on the bench, where they’re stuck in a business limbo without relevant projects. SignSpot solves this issue, providing an opportunity to sell your bench to companies that lack employees for their projects.

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Sell & Buy Leads 

Sell your leads if you have too many of them or if some of them don't suit the company’s profile and strategic goals. Simply saying ‘no’ to a client is often a bad option, which can lead to wasted chances and revenue. Get the maximum out of each opportunity with SignSpot. 
Negotiate with other companies to share insights, strategies, and experience. Find projects that are most suitable to your expertise, industry focus, and company strategy. SignSpot will help you to obtain an ideal fit for your organization without the limitations of corporate borders. 

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A buyer provides a description of his or her idea, following a simple and convenient process. Afterward, based on the provided information, the system automatically chooses the most suitable vendors from the registered companies, 


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Boost your revenue by sharing expertise and knowledge with similar companies 


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