8 tips to successfully outsource Java development

8 tips to successfully outsource Java development

The 2020 crisis is almost over, and the IT industry continues to grow and evolve rapidly. Many countries have experienced an IT boom in the first quarter of 2021 – the demand is much higher than the number of IT specialists. Ukraine was not an exception. 

“Global warming” might be a good metaphor to describe today’s situation in the global IT market. Ukraine entered 2021 with a 20% IT Services market growth rate and over 200,000 tech specialists to meet the increasing global demand for software engineers, according to Beetroot 2021 Tech Market Report. However, even such a talent pool cannot fully satisfy recruitment needs. Linkedin is full of opportunities, hiring weeks, recommendation bonuses – all attract the most skilful specialist for emerging projects. Java developers seem to be in demand as never before. 

Ukraine has a great supply of Java developers, but the demand for them is high as well. These days, Java developers in Ukraine are consolidated around the IT outsourcing sector. In this article, we will share 8 tips on finding a good partner and successfully outsourcing java developers for your projects. 

Outsourcing Java development services sometimes feels like building a space shuttle since it requires lots of attention to detail. Let’s begin with some basic tips to help you create your Java outsourcing Crew Dragon.

Tip #1: Decide on the structure of your outsourcing Java development team

In other words, find out what crew you need to successfully launch. Depending on your project, you might need a team of several Java developers or an individual one to support your in-house team. You might also want to hire a dedicated team to fully cover your project Java development needs.

Tip #2: Find the right java development outsourcing vendor

The final success of your project will largely depend on how well your crew works together. It is essential to find “your vendor” that shares your values and can satisfy your project's requirements.

If you don’t know where to look for java developers, try this scheme:

1. Firstly, start looking for vendors in specific countries or at least regions. It is not surprising that developers from Eastern Europe have much lower rates than developers from Western European countries or North America. Let’s take Ukraine as an example.

2. Secondly, look for IT outsourcing companies ratings specifically for the country you have selected. Clutch or Gartner would be good sources to check out. So, if you choose Ukraine, try looking for Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies ratings, for example, “Top Development & IT Companies in Ukraine for 2021”. See what vendors stand out, read client reviews and shortlist up to 10 providers.

3. Thirdly, look for B2B collaborative platforms to outsource Java development. SignSpot is one of them. Apart from a lead exchange, recruitment, or tenders, it allows IT companies to share their bench with partners. There are a few Java developers’ profiles already posted on the platform and ready to be outsourced. So, it might also be a good idea to register on and monitor such platforms.

Tip #2: Evaluate shortlisted companies

Research vendor’s websites to find out whether they can provide the services your project needs. Choose a few you would like to work with and set calls. 

Tip #3: Set requirements and communicate your Java development outsourcing project needs

When it comes to getting to know your potential java outsourcing partners, it is crucial to communicate your requirements. Share your project specifics, your values and make sure “it’s a match” with your vendor’s values. After all, you both have a long flight ahead. 

Tip #4: Ask for a project estimate

Ask your potential java development outsourcing partner to estimate the time and cost of your project. Don’t forget to ask about any hidden costs that might pop up in the process.

Tip#5: Choose an engagement model 

You might need a team of Java developers or an individual one to support your in-house team. Depending on your project, choose the cooperation model that works best for you, whether Fixed Price, T&M, or Dedicated Team. Some outsourcing vendors might not offer some of these models, so ask questions.

Tip#6: Select a partner to join you on a Java development outsourcing journey 

Consider all the information you’ve learned from previous research and decide on who to outsource java development from. Prices, time estimates, cooperation models, values match, and Java developers’ expertise level and experience are some of the factors to help you select the right partner.

Tip#7: Cover all legal matters 

Sign NDAs, contracts, agree on a payment schedule. 

Tip#8: Meet your team in advance

It might be beneficial to meet your team in advance or even participate in team members selection. Communicate priorities, timelines, working process, collaboration tools, etc.

Looking for Java Developers? Try SignSpot B2B tech lead platform

One of the tools to find outsourced java development mentioned in this article was SignSpot. With deep experience in tech outsourcing and product development, it clearly understands companies’ pains and needs — one of them is outsourcing a Java application development company successfully. There are already a few Java developers ready to join your project posted on SignSpot.

Here’s how you can join the SignSpot community:

1. Fill in the registration form.

2. Wait for confirmation from our client manager.

3. Go through the onboarding process, assisted by SignSpot team members.

4. Collaborate with other SignSpot community members.

The advantage of such an approach is that hiring platforms may assist companies with software vendor interview questions. On the other hand, B2B platforms only connect two businesses. The standard pricing on SignSpot is free, and you pay only once for a deal.

We at SignSpot offer you one of the best possible ways to find a partner for software development. Here, you can find a partner among other companies, buy services, and sell your benches and leads. To start cooperation or ask a question, please, contact us.

Final thoughts

Outsourcing Java developers might be a tricky task in today's overheated IT market. However, following the scheme offered in this blog post can help make the process easier and more efficient.

Whenever you are looking for Java developers to outsource, ask yourself these questions:

What kind of a team do I exactly need?

What country do I want to outsource from?

What are my specific requirements?

Did I check the ratings and hiring platforms?

And here you are – ready to begin your Java development outsourcing journey.