Best Practices to Hire Offshore Developers | SignSpot

Best Practices to Hire Offshore Developers | SignSpot

If you are an entrepreneur and have a digital product idea but no team to make it a reality, you can go to one of the many nearshore software development providers and quickly assemble a battle-hardened team. However, what if you are a top manager of an IT outsourcing/outstaffing company and you are in grave need of developers for a fresh project with tight deadlines? Where would you go if the recruitment of the team is too long and an expensive process? Where is the place to quickly hire dedicated offshore developers? We know from experience, that such situations are prevalent and lead to hefty losses, wasted opportunities and potential revenue. This is one of the reasons why SignSpot exists — to make hiring offshore/remote teams easy and quick. How exactly? We shall tell you in a moment, but at first…

  1. How SignSpot Allows You to Rent Offshore Teams Easily
  2. Why Rent Offshore Team Instead of Recruiting? 
  3. Similar Companies 
  4. Conclusion

How SignSpot Allows You to Rent Offshore Teams Easily

So, SignSpot is a B2B IT marketplace for exchanging leads, projects, and workers without a work atm, i.e. bench. Thus, when your company is in need of workers, you can rent workers from other companies/ hire offshore developers quite easily.

Buy Bench 

  1. Sign up for SignSpot 
  2. Submit your bench
  3. Provide relevant information on experience and expertise (for an example look below)
  4. Wait for other company to request your bench
  5. Negotiate with the other party to determine the best conditions partnership
  6. Earn % of the other company’s profits 

Or. If your company has plenty of workers on a bench and no projects to keep employees busy, you can rent employees to other companies.

Sell Bench

  1. Submit your bench
  2. Provide relevant information on experience and expertise 
  3. Wait for other company to request your bench
  4. Negotiate with the other party to determine the best conditions partnership

And, the cherry on top, SignSpot is intermediary-free, the platform acts as a facilitator; you negotiate terms of your partnership directly with other companies.

Hire Local or Offshore Developers? 

Recruiting is a taxing process. It requires plenty of time, money, and then time again until a new worker gets ‘in touch’ with a company, its processes, and culture. For example, “according to  LinkedIn, only 30% of companies are able to fill a vacant role within 30 days. The other 70% of companies take anywhere between 1 - 4 months to process a new hire.” Often, that’s simply too much time, when the deadlines are tight, a client is impatient, or the situation in the market isn’t smooth. It’s even worse when you need a whole team. 

In IT outsourcing, it’s often the case, when a big project arrives, you need a bunch of savvy developers, QAs, DevOps, which ideally have experience in a similar industry. If you have a sufficient bench, it’s not a problem. Otherwise, it’s a gamble. Would you be able to get all the workers in time, or not? Besides, the bench is always additional costs and quite a burden in times of economic crises. 

Considering all the mentioned above, hiring new employees from ‘the streets’ isn’t the best option. What if you could hire a relevant, battle-ready team from another company that is similar to yours, but has a bench that adds plenty of hard-hitting costs to its budget? Such a possibility would eliminate plenty of troubles, save time and money because the team would be ready to start working ASAP, and even more so would be eager to start working because the limbo of the bench isn’t the most pleasant place to be. 

Basically, what you need is a partner — another IT service company with a similar profile but different needs. Such a partner would be able to rent you their developers for a fee so you could serve all your clients as they come. Moreover, with such a partner, the question ‘how to find offshore developers?’ won't bother you. 

SignSpot is a place for forming such partnerships.

Similar Companies

Some companies provide similar SignSpot services. Among them are

Clutch is a B2B-focused company, which accumulates information and verified reviews about thousands of IT outsourcing/outstaffing companies. Clutch wouldn’t allow you to hire developers directly, but it can help you to find a company that could provide you with a relevant partnership. 


Wadline is all about giving you contact details of the companies that suit your request query that contains information about what you need at the moment. Wadline has a huge directory of companies to choose from.


GoodFirms is good for hiring development teams with detailed information about rates, experience, development times, convenient search, categories, etc. 


UpWork is a great place to hire remote developers, which often may come in handy when the deal gets to projects with tight deadlines and the absence of experienced workers. 


TopTal is also a convenient tool for hiring remote/freelancer developers for projects of any size or complexity. TopTal also conducts thorough business intelligence screening of its talents to determine the best candidates suitable for a position. 

Yes, SignSpot is not the only place for hiring employees online, but its focus is particularly unique: SignSpot is created to serve IT service companies. It was created by such a company, so SignSpot is a long-awaited answer to the needs, pains, and of the industry. It is not only a place for selling leads and benches. It’s a networking platform, where similar companies form lasting connections, rewarding partnerships, exchange experience with a single idea in mind — to boost their efficiency, strengthen positions, and ensure maximum revenue under different circumstances. Unlike the other companies, SignSpot is a facilitator and is here to help you grow.


It’s a special flavor of loss when in other circumstances, you would have everything required to serve the client, but at the moment, there are no free employees to address a client’s needs. Otherwise, you have everything required: experience with similar projects, great PM expertise, robust infrastructure, flexible approach, experience with investors in the industry, great BA capacity required to cover the gaps in the project, and ensure its competitiveness. However, there’s simply no time to hire and assemble a team to start working on a project. So, you let the client go, with bitter thought of what could have been. Fortunately, with SignSpot, such an issue is mitigated tenfold as you could find appropriate employees or even teams with relevant experience and expertise to start working on the project ASAP. 

Try it for yourself. 

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