How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Project with Hiring Platforms

How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Project with Hiring Platforms

Nowadays, you can indeed find whoever you need for the project you own. Speaking about the IT sector, at the beginning of 2020, according to Statista, there were 55.3 million full-time information and communication technology specialists worldwide. In 2023, this number will grow up to 62 million. It is almost the entire population of Great Britain.

So, today with a global market, everyone has access to the total pool of software developers for hire. Due to this, we all realize that there is no problem with hiring a software developer. The question is how to find software engineers that will comply with your requirements.

  1. Find a developer for a project
  2. Hire a software development team
  3. Hire dedicated developer
  4. Hiring software developers and selling leads with SignSpot

1. Find a developer for a project

There are a lot of strategies on how to hire software engineers. For example, you can recruit software engineers by asking your colleagues for referrals. On the other hand, you are limited by the variety of your network. Companies can find a developer for a project after searching for them at such platforms as LinkedIn, GitHub, IT forums, and other professional platforms. The challenge of this method is that this process can take a lot of time.

There is another strategy to seek a dedicated developer for your project. It can be possible to find them in Facebook groups, coding websites, by reading their articles at Quora and Medium. However, to understand the tech stack of a person who can potentially get an offer, a company needs to have a recruiter that can measure the technical skill of a candidate. If a company is not specialized in the IT industry, then this method is not for such an organization.

Also, you may hire dedicated developers after searching for them on some freelance platform. But the first thing you should remember is that this method puts you before a challenge. It could be not so easy and fast if you are going to find a software developer with the right skills for your project among thousands of other specialists.

These problems remain for the next methods of hiring technical development specialists. It is the right strategy to look for new talent among students and alumni of Computer Sciences. On the other hand, it is profitable for a big company that specializes in the field of information technology and has a lot of skilled specialists on board. Otherwise, it will be too long to teach newcomers and wait when they can start your project.

Similar issues concern professional recruiters and staffing agencies. The requirement process is not a simple job. To build a team, the recruiter must search for hundreds of tech specialists, accomplish dozens of interviews, and choose a specialist with the right technical skill and tech stack that will satisfy the requirement.

2. Hire a software development team

All the mentioned strategies are well. However, it happens very often that some non-IT company is about to launch a digital product. For example, bank executives could think about how to find a software developer to create some fintech app for clients. In this case, likely any business does not need any time-wasting processes for the recruitment of technical specialists. 

If you are in the same circumstances, you can reasonably use such services as SignSpot and hire developers for your project. Interesting fact: more than 60% of the total outsourcing market is composed of IT workers. So, this is undoubtedly trendy to find developers for startup or project outside. There are a lot of advantages to such a strategy. But how to hire dedicated developers for your project with hiring platforms?

For instance, if you find a vendor of IT services, you will not need to find, interview, and hire technical specialists. Using SignSpot service, you can easily set the requirements for your future employee and buy the most relevant candidates. You can find as many specialists as you need for your project. You can hire and build the entire team.

No matter, whether you represent a service company that seeks new project opportunities, or an individual with tech ideas to develop, here you will find a perfect match for a lasting partnership.

3. Hire dedicated developer

The main reason why companies that are about to find a developer for a project use our platform is that SignSpot connects buyers and software development vendors. There are a lot of benefits for both buyers and vendors.

SignSpot offers a transparent process of buying and selling software developers and supports complete freedom in choosing suitable candidates. Here all users have an opportunity to access communication without intermediaries. The platform provides quick results and transparent fixed pricing. Besides, users can value a well-tuned recommendations system and an extensive portfolio of established suppliers.

How to find software engineers

First, register for free and boost your revenue by sharing expertise and knowledge with similar companies. After that, if you are a buyer, describe an idea, following a simple process. Then, the platform automatically chooses the most relevant vendors from the registered companies.

Hiring a software developer for buyers

You or your company can create tenders on different types, which include RFI, RFP, RFE, and Employee Request. When one company has a bench, they sell their experienced software engineers to keep them busy and useful. At the same time, when another company has a lack of employees, it can easily find people with SignSpot. The features of requesting suppliers' participation manually and approving recommended suppliers are also available for buyers.

SignSpot is created to make sure that the tech specialist you have hired for your project will not mismatch in technologies, expertise, experience, and industry focus anymore.

Opportunities for vendors

On the other side, with SignSpot, you can sell your bench. At the platform, companies can create proposals to showcase the experience and competitive edge of their workers. Moreover, creating detailed profiles to get relevant recommendations is also possible for vendors at SignSpot. After all, vendors can directly communicate with suitable clients.

Another huge advantage of SignSpot is that you can sell and buy leads the same way you sell and buy technical specialists. At SignSpot, companies can sell business opportunities if they mismatch the company's profile or if there are too many of them. Otherwise, opportunities can be lost. So, boosting the efficiency of your company is SignSpot’s top priority.

4. Hiring software developers and selling leads with SignSpot

To resume, it is worth mentioning that at SignSpot, you can: 

  1. Sell your bench 
  2. Buy the services of technical specialists with the most relevant skills for your project. 
  3. Set the budget, technical requirements, deadlines, and other preferences. 
  4. Start a tender and choose the offer that meets your requirements the best way.

If your company is not specialized in IT, this platform will save you from the long process of hiring staff. However,  if your company works in the IT field, you can share the experience with similar companies, exchange leads, find a developer for a project, and start a promising partnership for the future. SignSpot is developed to help companies to achieve remarkable success by establishing a platform for finding a perfect match for a lasting partnership.