Hub for software outsourcing companies: how to buy and sell, leads and your companies assets ?

Hub for software outsourcing companies: how to buy and sell, leads and your companies assets ?

If you are an IT outsourcing/outstaffing company owner or top manager, what is worse for you: 

  1. Having a bunch of free employees on a ‘bench’ without relevant projects to work for but ready to start working ASAP


  1. Having potential clients who want to start work on their project ASAP but lacking employees to start the project. 

You may say that the second option is better because finding new employees is easier than finding new projects. On the other hand, a hypothetical CEO of another company may claim that finding employees who suit a company’s profile and a customer’s desires quickly enough is a difficult, costly, and even risky process. For some companies finding projects is even though a longer but a more straightforward and calmer process. 

We think both of you are right. In fact, both issues are a source of major revenue drops and losses. Even more so, both issues can be avoided with a proper tool at hand. The tool that allows to buy and sell leads, bench, and create win-win partnerships. 

We created SignSpot to become such a tool. 

If you want to know how to use SignSpot, why to use SignSpot, and how to increase your revenue by using SignSpot, this article is for you. 


  1. SignSpot — hub for Assets Exchange
  2. Buy Leads
  3. Sell Leads
  4. Buy Bench
  5. Sell Bench
  6. Conclusion

SignSpot — Hub for Assets Exchange 

Basically, SignSpot has 4 ways of effectively addressing the revenue issues of IT outsourcing and outstaffing companies. (The fifth tool - Tenders is in development no)

  1. Buy Tech Leads
  2. Sell Tech Leads
  3. Buy Bench
  4. Sell Bench

Thus, any IT service company that has a problem of too many employees/projects or not enough employees/projects can use SignSpot to receive a significant performance boost. 

Buy Leads 

If you ever wandered, where can I purchase leads or even where to buy good leads? The answer is here, on SignSpot. 

The mentioned pains of IT outsourcing companies are hardly an issue that can’t be solved by buying, selling, or exchanging. The problem is to find partners to buy from, sell to, or exchange with. The mission of SignSpot is to facilitate the creation of such win-win partnerships. 

So, let’s imagine that you have a bunch of free employees on a ‘bench’ without relevant projects to work for but ready to start working ASAP. And each day those employees spend on the ‘bench’ is a day full of revenue lost for you and frustration accumulated for them.  

Usually, you will solve this problem by tasking your sales department with finding relevant projects for employees on a bench as soon as possible. On average, if you’re lucky enough, in 2 months or so, you will have a new project to engage the bench. 

With SignSpot, the process of finding potential clients for your bench becomes smooth and straightforward. No need for additional investments and months of ambiguity, just a SignSpot account and a potential partner who looks for another company to buy technology leads that they can’t provide with a service at the moment. 

How to buy leads for your business? It’s simple 

  1. Sign up for SignSpot
  2. Provide relevant information about your company, so other SignSpot participants know with whom they’re going to work (for the example of a lead in the system look below)
  3. Based on your company’s requirements, search our database of potential leads comprised from more than XX IT service companies
  4. Negotiate the best terms of your partnerships directly with your future partners 
  5. Pay a small fixed flat-rate fee of $256 to SignSpot
  6. Start working with your new client 

(Screenshot of a lead description from SingSpot)

It’s worth mentioning here that SignSpot users share leads that they can’t serve now because of the lack of workers or experience, mismatch in industry, strategic focus, or the client’s requirements. Considering that different companies have different ‘desires’ regarding their clients, SignSpot is an ideal place to find potential clients that will suit your company just right. We already have X leads for sale, and this number constantly grows. Whether you want to buy web development leads or buy software development leads, we’ve got you covered. On SignSpot, we have the majority 

Sell Leads

If your IT business’ revenue suffers from the opposite situation — plenty of potential opportunities but the lack of qualified personnel to start work on the projects ASAP, SignSpot can help as well. As we’ve established previously, trying to find right workers in limited time can be a costly and risky endeavor, so why not and transform potential clients into passive sources of income for your company Basically, we offer you to sell your leads conveniently. 

SingSpot provides you with the platform to do so. 

  1. Sign Up for SignSpot 
  2. Submit a lead to the system
  3. Provide relevant data, including why the lead doesn’t suit you 
  4. Wait for another company to pick the lead up
  5. Negotiate the best  
  6. Reap percentage from the project’s revenue

Buy Bench 

If both purchasing leads and buying tech leads aren’t really your forte, and you rather work with your clients yourself, you can temporarily buy a bench of other companies. It’s also as simple as ever 

  1. Sign up for SignSpot 
  2. Submit your bench
  3. Provide relevant information on experience and expertise (for an example look below)
  4. Wait for other company to request your bench
  5. Negotiate with the other party to determine the best conditions  partnership
  6. Earn % of the other company’s profits 

Sell Bench

Of course, you can also outstaff your bench if you prefer such a solution or find it more beneficial to provide your employees to a company who is in a grave need of experienced workers.  The procedure is again — simple and straightforward: 

  1. Submit your bench
  2. Provide relevant information on experience and expertise 
  3. Wait for other company to request your bench
  4. Negotiate with the other party to determine the best conditions  partnership

Similar Companies

There are companies on the market that offer similar services, though the full SignSpot’s package is a rare catch. Here’s some of them.


Similar: YouTeam is a Y Combinator-backed developers-hiring marketplace for contracting dedicated offshore engineers. YouTeam is great for quickly finding developers to cover up your gaps in expertise. 

Different: First of all, YouTeam is for hiring employees only. Besides, YouTeam isn’t clear on how they choose offshore partners, the engineers of which they contract to other companies. Besides, with SignSpot you can hire a whole development team with software engineers, QAs, and designers in one go. 


Similar: UpLead is a B2B sales intelligence platform for quickly finding and connecting with relevant potential customers. 

Different: Besides lacking the outstaffing features, the main distinction is that UpLead is a leads database. It has a huge offering of contact data for potentially beneficiary leads, while SignSpot is used by other outsourcing and outstaffing companies to directly submit their leads in order to find partners who have the capacity and resources to work with leads.  


Similar: MegaLeads is a lead purchase platform, which offers buying lead lists in batches. 

Different: We don’t provide lists of contact data you should pay for, just straightforward project opportunities from companies just like yours but with slightly different focus and capacity. Besides, before paying for/engaging with any lead from SignSpot, you can check whether they suit your company’s requirements.


Similar: OutSourcely is an IT-focused hiring marketplace. The service provides individual remote IT workers for hire.

Different: Again, like YouTeam, OutSourcely is for hiring employees only. On the contrary, SignSpot is a B2B service — IT companies can both buy and sell bench to other IT companies and leads. Here, you can find a team with the experience required to work on your particular project.

Summing it all up, the main benefit of SignSpot is that it has all the Outstaffing/Lead marketplace functionality under one hoof. Also, the aforementioned lead marketplaces, provide lead contact information. Thus, you have no possibility to communicate with a lead provider directly and often must go in blind without being sure whether the lead butch that you bought contains relevant and active opportunities. At the same time, using SignSpot you partner directly with a lead provider and can be sure that the lead you’ve chosen will suit your company's profile. 

Finally, an important distinction that we want to emphasize here is SignSpot’s flat rate. Regardless of what you’re buying, you pay SignSpot a small flat rate that helps us to keep going. No hidden fees, no sudden changes — just a straightforward and cheap business model with great risk to reward ratio. 

SignSpot is a multi-purpose tool for ensuring prosperity of  your IT business regardless of the economic difficulties ‘outside.’


SignSpot is a facilitator of mutually-beneficial partnerships between IT service companies. We want you to be successful and get the maximum out of your potential, ignoring the artificial limitations of the corporate borders. Remember in all the cases of selling, buying, and exchanging that occurs on SignSpot, you have the complete freedom to negotiate the terms of your partnerships directly with other companies. 

Feel free to ask questions, share feedback, suggestions, and thoughts. We have a burning ambition to make SignSpot the best place to buy leads, sell leads, exchange bench and experience for IT service companies to help them through thick and thin. 

If you want to support SignSpot, you have the possibility to donate to help us grow faster and bigger.